CTE Senior Survey
Class of 2017
You're leaving us soon!  We want to hear from you!
Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey so that we can learn from your experience and also know how to stay in touch with you!
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Help us stay in touch!

Over the years, we hope to be able to stay in touch, to hear about how you are doing.  This may be through e-mail, a quick phone call, or a text message survey.  

Please know that this contact information remain safe and secure within SFUSD.  It will NOT be openly shared.  It will only be used by SFUSD staff for purposes of following up with you in the future.
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Please include any other ways for us to reach you (additional people and contact information that would know how to get a hold of you in the future.)

What is the best way to first reach out and actually be likely that you would respond to some occasional questions?

Future Plans

Which of the following describes your plans for next year? *

Choose all that apply.

What College or University will you be attending next year? *

Please select from list below.  If you are attending a different College or University, select "OTHER" and write in the location.

Please let us know what sort of employment or Apprenticeship you plan to pursue. *

About your Pathway Experience

Overall, how would you rate your experience in your Pathway? *

As part of my Pathway/Academy I took part in... *

Did you take a college course as part of your Pathway/Academy program? *

Taking Child Development at CCSF as part of  Teacher Academy
Taking a Business Computer Applications class at CCSF as part of your Business/Finance Pathway
Taking CPR or EMT at CCSF as part of Health Science Pathway
Which of the following best describes your experience with Dual Enrollment/Early College? *

Did you complete a major final capstone or Senior Defense project in your Pathway? *

Which of the following statements apply to your Capstone or Senior Defense experience? *

Please feel free to choose as many of the statements below as apply OR choose "None of the above"

How challenging would you say your Capstone or Senior Defense experience was? *

How interesting was your Capstone or Senior Defense experience? *

Impact of Pathway

I am graduating from my Pathway/Academy with the following *

Please check any of the items below that apply OR choose "None of the above" if none of these apply.

How would you say your Pathway experience has prepared you for the future? (Check all that apply) *

Which of the following best describes how the Pathway has impacted your vision for the future *

Would you recommend this Pathway/Academy to another student? *

What are the major strengths of this Pathway?

What were the major highlights from your time in this Pathway?  Consider  1 or 2 of the most memorable, impactful projects or experiences.

What feedback do you have for what could make this Pathway/Academy better?

Thank you so much for completing this survey!  
We look forward to following up with you next year!

Congratulations Class of 2017!
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